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We do not accept returns for web orders, phone orders, email orders, fax orders, text orders or orders placed in person where an item has been ordered in error, or due to change of mind, or due to lack of finances or any other reason except for death of the person who placed the order.  Please ensure that the item you have ordered is the correct one for your needs.  It's far better to spend the time checking that you are getting what you need than to rush ahead and get the wrong one.  If in doubt, speak to us to confirm your needs.

In some circumstances we may allow for an item, especially a second hand computer system, to be returned to us with a return fee payable / deductible.  In such instances, any costs associated with assembling the second hand computer (eg sourcing parts that we don't have in stock) are still payable, as are any and ALL labour costs.  Since we carry a range of used computer parts & systems, where such have been used and there has been no actual financial outlay for us, we may allow such components, whether part of a full system or as individual upgrade components, to be returned under certain hardship situations with a 20% return fee.  If any item or computer system we elect to accept back is found to be damaged in any way beyond very minor cosmetic wear, it will be returned to you and no refund will be given.  It is entirely at our discretion to accept any returns as outlined in this paragraph (or implied elsewhere), and we in no way obligate ourselves to always meet this, particularly where bad faith or ill-will is found to be present on your part.

Items damaged in transit, that is items that arrive to you in a damaged condition (excluding packaging material - the item itself must be physically damaged), must be notified to us within 24 hours of their being signed for.  Failure to do so will mean disqualification of reimbursement to you from our freight carrier, and you will be required to keep the item in the condition that it arrived in.

Items that arrive to you DOA - Dead on Arrival - will be replaced free of charge if they are in fact found to be "dead".  You must notify us within 24 hours of receiving the item to be eligible for a free replacement.  An exception to this may be granted where an item has been purchased as a gift: contact us immediately in this regard.  The granting of an exception is at the discretion of the Distributor who supplied us the item for on-sale.  If an item is received back, either to us or our supplier, and found to be either not DOA or to have been damaged / tampered with / altered by you, it will be returned to you at your expense, and a service fee will apply (which must be paid before the item is returned to you).  Failure to pay these costs may trigger legal action to recover any monies owed to us or our supplier.  Note: Usually in the case of a DOA claim, our supplier will arrange to have the item collected from you and a new one sent, all at no cost to you.  In some cases, which we will notify you of as we are able to, you may be required to pay for return freight.  Any such charges are required to be paid before the replacement item is released to you.

Any item returned to us that is not faulty is subject to our standard labour charges as per our Rates, Terms & Legal page  A minimum technician's fee of $30 incl GST applies to all non-faulty returns.


Contact us as soon as possible to resolve any issues highlighted this section. 
The more time passes, the fewer options you / we have.  And above all, assume nothing.


warranty period definition

Any and all warranties are given for a fixed period of time, starting from the date they are invoiced or paid for (whichever is earlier) and continuing for X number of calendar months or years.  Replacement of an item or items does not extend the period of warranty in any way, shape or form, as the warranty is deemed to cover a fixed period of time, regardless of the number of times an item or items is replaced during that period.  Many people believe that when an item is replaced, that the replacement item starts the count on a whole new, full warranty period (for example, if an item has a 2 year warranty period and is replaced at the 12 month mark, many believe they have another 2 years from that time) - this is not the case.

In some instances an item is given a "lifetime" warranty.  The term "lifetime" refers to the expected lifetime of that item, not a person's lifetime, nor even the expected lifetime of other, inter-related items (for example, RAM or a Power Supply have a "lifetime" warranty, but are housed within a computer case that only has 12 months).  In some instances, the term "lifetime" means 5 years, in others 10 years, and still others up to 30 years, and is totally at the discretion of the manufacturer and / or our supplier.  We will supply you the actual length of a "lifetime" warranty on any item on request.


Various products have different warranties.  Unless otherwise stated, all warranties are implicitly 12 months from date of payment (excl software which has no warranty other than guaranteed not to be DOA).  Any warranties given are done so on behalf of LemonAid's Suppliers, and we are therefore constrained to adhere to the specifications, terms and conditions of each individual Supplier.   Unless otherwise stated, all warranties are RTB (Return to Base) at your expense.  Check with us first to see if the item you are returning has an on-site warranty covered directly by the manufacturer.

As a guide, warranties cover defects in manufacture and workmanship, and exclude: wear and tear, theft, accidental damage of any sort, purposeful damage of any sort, damage caused by using the goods in conjunction with any other goods or hardware / software, software or hardware compatibility issues, any sort of power surge / outage event, and any type of tampering / modification that is not expressly allowed for.

Additionally, warranty replacement of any goods will only be granted upon the return of the goods in question at the customer / purchasers expense (either to LemonAid or our Supplier directly: we will advise you at the time which is appropriate), the testing of said product by LemonAid or our Supplier (as warranted), and the agreement of LemonAid's Supplier that the warranty claim is valid.  You (the customer / purchaser) agree to send the goods back to us or our Supplier in packaging that will ensure no further damage is sustained by your goods, at your cost.  It is preferable to send the goods back in their original packaging wherever possible, as this ensures maximum protection from damage and mis-handling.  LemonAid is in no way responsible for any damage or theft of goods being returned to us or our Supplier.

It is important to note that while warranty covers the replacement of an item or part, it excludes any labour required to remove the old (faulty) item or reinstall the new replacement item.  This is particularly relevant for computer systems where a motherboard may fail, necessitating the removal of multiple other parts in order to be able to remove the faulty one.  Any software "rejigging" that is required as a result of replacing an item / part also falls outside of any warranty.  Labour costs incurred by LemonAid in order to effect a replacement of an item / part will be charged at our normal hourly rates.

Special Case #1: Hard disk drives.  It is expected that you will employ whatever backup solution / frequency you feel is appropriate to your situation so as to secure the information (including programs, the operating system and user data like photos, music & documents) contained on any hard drives you own (either inside a computer case or contained in an external hard drive).  This covers both traditional "spinning" hard drives and the new SSD type.  Should your hard drive fail, and no backup has been effected, the cost of reinstalling the operating system / programs and recovering user data will be charged at our normal hourly rate.  In the case of laptops / netbooks that are returned as a whole for replacement / fixing, manufacturers (eg HP, Toshiba, Acer etc) give no assurance that the unit will be returned with the hard drive contents intact.  You MUST make sure that the ENTIRE contents of a laptop hard drive are backed up before it is returned to either our Supplier or the original manufacturer for warranty servicing.  If you are not confident or able to make this happen, you can either pay us to effect the backup for you, or just run the risk of losing everything.  Some manufacturers also offer a pay-for service to effect such a backup and / or transfer all data from a "dead" laptop to a replacement one (as does LemonAid).

Special Case #2: LCD Monitors (screens).  Most of the monitors we sell, either separately or as part of a desktop computer system, have 3 year on-site warranties.  This means that if it is determined that the monitor is faulty, the manufacturer of that monitor will collect it from you at no charge, and return it to you at no charge. There are some caveats to this, the main one being that the collection is not NZ-wide, being limited to what the courier employed by that manufacturer deems to be rural or urban.  Generally, rural collections aren't allowed for.  As with all warranties, your first step is to trouble-shoot any problem yourself (often checking that cables are firmly plugged in fixes many perceived faults) to the best of your ability, which includes phoning the 0800 help line of the manufacturer if need be.  In the second instance, you will notify us: we will confirm if the monitor is dead or not.  If the nature of the fault cannot be determined by phone, there will be a minimum $20 fee to drive to your location to assess / diagnose any fault.  It is expected that you will keep the packaging that the monitor was supplied to you in for the length of the warranty.  Failure to do so may cause needless "hassle" should the monitor require a trip back to the manufacturer, the least of which will be you finding appropriate material to safely package the monitor, the full extent of which might be the monitor being damaged in transit due to insufficient packaging leading to denial of warranty replacement.  Once a warrantable fault has been confirmed (either by yourself or with our help), you are required to contact the manufacturer directly on their 0800 number to arrange for collection of the monitor by them.  You will need at least the serial / model number printed (usually) on a sticker the back or base of the monitor, and possibly our details and invoice number: it pays to have all this information ready before phoning the manufacturer.  No "loan" monitor provision is given as part of the warranty, and you will need to plan for being without a monitor for at least 2 weeks, possibly 3.  Should you require a "loan" monitor, we may be able to furnish you with one for a small fee, to be agreed on at the time e.g. $10 a week.  LemonAid is in no way obliged to furnish a loan monitor under the terms of the warranty, but will attempt to do so whenever practical / possible. 

LemonAid endeavours to resolve all warranty claims with 24-48 hours (excluding weekends), but you should allow up to 5 working days (Note: depending on the time of year and the type of product, replacement or repair can take up to 10 working days).  We will, upon the agreement of our Supplier, send identical replacement goods (or the closest current equivalent where the model being replaced no longer exists) out to you at our cost by our standard method of delivery.  Should you wish to make special arrangement for delivery, please contact us immediately.  Note that LemonAid reserves the right to decline any special requests, but we will endeavour to meet any that are deemed reasonable at the time.  Should you (the customer / purchaser) require speedy replacement of any goods above and beyond LemonAid's normal freighting and warranty methods, additional charges (i.e. for use of a Courier rather than NZ Post mail, or specifically a Saturday delivery) will be made, which are payable by the customer / purchaser immediately.  Failure to pay such charges will be deemed to be non-payment and may be referred to a Debt Collection Agency of LemonAid's choice, which will include the payment of all and any charges by said Debt Collection Agency by the customer / purchaser that LemonAid may incur.

Both LemonAid and our Suppliers reserve the right to effect a fix instead of a full replacement should the nature of the fault warrant that.  Such a decision is at LemonAid or our Supplier's sole discretion, and our decision is final.

NOTE: Any item returned to us that is not faulty is subject to our standard labour charges.  A minimum technician's fee of $30 incl GST applies to all non-faulty returns.  Non-faulty items will not be returned to you until the technician's fee has been paid (including the cost of return postage / courier as applicable).

computer warranties

Whether we build a desktop system for you, or re-sell a branded desktop or notebook (laptop) or netbook, the overall warranty covering these items is usually 1 year RTB (Return to Base), covering only defects in manufacture.  Unless there is an obvious instance where the way we have configured the software on a computer has caused a discernable, warrantable issue (and this is extremely rare), there is absolutely no cover whatsoever for any issues arising from software, whether that software be a Microsoft product (eg Windows, Office), a subsystem (JAVA, QuickTime, Flash etc), or a 3rd-party product (eg Picasa, Skype, Google Earth, Firefox, Avast).  The complexities of interaction between any given person and how they use the programs (software) on their computer are so incredibly vast, and the knowledge level (or paucity thereof) so widely variable, that it is commonly-accepted industry practice to not supply any warranty for software, except in specific circumstances at extra cost.  And to re-iterate, there is absolutely no warranty cover at all for any type of power-related damage, except where it can be proven that the power supply of the computer itself is faulty and has caused damage.  You are expected to provide sufficient power protection for your computer-related gadgets and hardware, specifically a UPS for adequate protection: a surge protector is NOT adequate protection.

Whilst desktop computers that we build come with a single calendar year of RTB warranty, most of the internal components (and others like the monitor / screen) have 2-5 year individual warranties.  These warranties continue to be available outside of the general 1 year system warranty: replacement of individual components during the "extended" warranty period includes parts only, and excludes any and all labour required to remove the faulty component and replace it with a new / refurbished one (at the discretion of our Suppliers).  Further, replacement of the exact model of component is solely on the basis of "like for like" on the part of our Suppliers, as it is common for exact models to be unavailable even after only 12 months.  Usually, replacement parts supplied under "extended" warranty actually end up being superior / more advanced models than the ones being replaced.  In the case of hard drives (including external hard drives), there will be a charge to back up the contents of the old / faulty one to the best of our ability (as the drive may be too corrupt / damaged) and then to copy the contents back again once the replacement unit has been received.

RTB: Return to base means that the warranty excludes us coming to you on-site to either diagnose problems or pickup / return your computer / laptop.  This means you are obliged to trouble-shoot any problem to the best of your ability before contacting us (which may involve non-warrantable, chargeable labour, which we will provide you advance warning of where practical / possible; this is most likely where the "fault" is in fact not a fault, or is solely software-related and not due to our workmanship), and then deliver the computer / laptop (and any leads / accessories that we may advise you of) AFTER contacting us.  Please do not just arrive with a "faulty" computer or laptop without having contacted us first.  Note also that it is best to provide any original packaging that you may have received from us in case we are required to transport anything back to our suppliers.  Once we have repaired or replaced the item that is under warranty, you are required to collect the computer / laptop from us.


Should a physical disability, ailment or your age prevent of any sort of physical labour required to move computers or monitors, including delivering them to us or packaging them for return to the manufacturer, we are happy to help with this at our normal hourly rate and travel costs.  Whenever possible / practical we will inform you of such associated costs and charges at the earliest / most practical opportunity.  You will be expected to pay any costs / invoices generated in this respect at the completion of any warrantable incident at the time your computer / laptop / computer-related electronic device(s) is / are returned to you.  Failure to do so may mean non-delivery of the item(s) in question and / or legal action to recover any outstanding monies.  As with all things, talking about things before they become a problem is preferably to assuming anything.

warranty claim procedure

1) Contact LemonAid by e-mail or phone, detailing the nature of the fault. PLEASE MAKE SURE you have gone through rigorous testing of the faulty item to the best of your ability before you consider a warranty claim.  Many "faults" are due to software drivers, system updates, hardware conflicts and products not being calibrated correctly.

2) Once we have considered your claim, we will give you the approval to send the goods back, either to us or our supplier.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY GOODS BACK BEFORE CONTACTING US!  When you have our express approval, you agree to send the goods back to us in packaging that will ensure no further damage is sustained by your goods, at your cost.

3) Once we or our suppliers have assessed the condition and nature of the fault, we will advise you within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends) of our decision.

4) Upon approval of a replacement or fix, we or our Supplier will endeavour to have your replacement / repaired goods back to you within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends).  Note that depending on the time of year and the type of product, replacement or repair can take up to 10 working days).  LemonAid is under no obligation to "drop everything" in order to attend to an "urgent" warranty issue, but we always endeavour to prioritise warranties that are "mission critical" to businesses, or where a failure means significant hardship.


Placement of an order with LemonAid is deemed to be acceptance of any and all conditions and procedures set out on this page of Warranty / Returns.




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