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hourly charge rates

Business / Corporate Customers:

Technical Support: $70 + GST per hour + travel @ 50c + GST per km
(minimum charge $35 + GST for time, $10 + GST for travel)

Residential / Home Customers:
Technical Support: $55 incl GST per hour + travel @ 45c incl GST per km
(minimum charge $35 incl GST for time, $5 incl GST for travel)

Charity / Retired Customers:
Technical Support: $45 incl GST per hour + travel @ 40c incl GST per km
(minimum charge $25 incl GST for time, $5 incl GST for travel)

payment terms

Method: Cash, Internet Banking, Bank Cheque, PayPal (fees apply) Personal Cheque (to approved clients)
Timing: Payment with order for internet orders and non-business customers, 7 days for businesses, 20th of month following for approved clients

Credit Cards: We do not accept credit cards.  However, we do accept PayPal where you can use your credit card as payment.  Note that there is a service fee charged by PayPal per transaction of approximately 4.5% - we will notify you of this once we have received your order.

For large purchases, where you have insufficient immediate funds available, we suggest a bank loan, finance company or Visa cash advance as the most cost effective way to borrow money.

phone support calls

While we do not charge for every bit of advice, nor every second we spend working on a job, we will charge for phone support calls over 10 minutes in duration, at our normal hourly rate, at our discretion.  The internet is a wealth of information - we believe strongly that if a customer is not willing to look up the 'net for an answer to a computer-related matter (unless it is directly related to warranty), they should pay for the privilege of "picking our brains" to get the answer.  In some cases we will bill you immediately, in other cases we will allow a number of instances to accrue over a period of time to be charged on a single invoice.  Failure to pay invoices relating to phone support may result in legal action and / or termination of support until any outstanding invoices are paid.  Please remember that we are a business, not a charity... :)

after-sales support / expectations

We do not include 24 hour, 7 day a week after-sales support for any products we sell.  Customers are expected to learn how to operate their purchases from us - whether they be full computers (desktop, notebooks (laptops), netbooks or tablets) or standalone hardware (printers, cameras, joysticks etc) - via our supplied information sheets (including recommended internet help / support forum websites), the Help section of any software used to control the relevant hardware, friends, family, teaching institutions (eg EIT, SeniorNet), supplied printed manufacturer's instruction manuals (or those supplied as a PDF or similar document on a CD / DVD) and the websites of the various manufacturers (including Microsoft).

We have gone to great lengths to provide detailed introductory information / help sheets, and expect clients to avail themselves of those in the first instance.  We firmly believe that customers get far better "mileage" out of their purchases from us by learning and buying into the use of their purchase, rather than relying on others to tell them how to use it all the time - much in the same way a person learns to drive a car, follow the road rules, and understand a few basics like putting air in the tyres, petrol in the tank and such.  We do provide tuition at the hourly rates listed above. 

delivery times

While we make every endeavour to deliver your purchase to you quickly, we have no control over the vagaries of the NZ Post system or any given courier company.  Please allow up to 2 working days for North Island deliveries, and up to 3-4 working days for South Island deliveries.  Rural deliveries especially can take an extra day or two, depending on the "remoteness" of the locality.  Note also that some of our suppliers use "signature required" courier packs - both for their peace of mind and yours.  If you need your purchase urgently, please let us know at the time of purchase: give us an address where there is guaranteed to be someone there during the day (who can sign for your item).  Further, each town / city in New Zealand has allocated "cycle" times during the day when a courier will or won't call to your area.  Again, we have no control over this, and it would be a very large task indeed to keep a current database of how this plays out for every courier company in every town / city in New Zealand.  We appreciate your patience and forbearance in working with us in this matter.

quotes / estimates

While there is no obligation to proceed with a quoted or estimated job, there may be research and consultancy costs passed on to the person or business named in the quotation or estimate if the situation warrants it (e.g. a clear indication / commitment is given by the customer / potential buyer that the job will proceed, then the customer / potential buyer "changes their mind" or uses the information provided during the quotation / estimation process to get a "cheaper price" elsewhere).  Where practical, we will forewarn customers if there are likely to be charges / costs passed on.  Where ill-will or subterfuge is displayed by the customer, such warning is neither possible nor practical.

project / system build cancellation

Where we have been given a reasonable verbal or written instruction to proceed with a job or system build, regardless of whether any material costs have been incurred, and you decide to cancel or otherwise "not go ahead", you will be charged an appropriate amount as reimbursement for our time spent.  Failure to pay such charges will result in legal action.  We operate as many businesses do on a certain amount of faith, trust and good will between us and our customers, but will not broach the abuse of our in-depth consultative process where much valuable insight and knowledge is gained by the customer as part of our quality service.

Where you choose to cancel an order for a computer system, regardless of whether that system is new or second hand, after work has already started on such a system, any and all costs up until the point of your cancellation is payable by you or the person who legally represented you in placing the order initially.  We regard any and all "orders" for any work done, whether labour-only, hardware-only, or a mix of the two (as is usually the case), to be a legally binding contract between you and us for our services.  We also consider it your ethical and moral obligation to follow through on that which you promised by contracting us to do work for you.  For further information relating to this matter, see the paragraph on the Warranty / Returns webpage under the Returns section.

important legal notes

All goods remain the property of LemonAid until payment is received in full.  Any costs incurred recovering outstanding monies will be passed on.  Interest on overdue payments / invoices will be charged at 2.5% per month on overdue amounts, calculated on a daily basis, until payment (plus any penalty fees, charges and interest) is received in full.

LemonAid shall be held in no way responsible or liable for any illegal activities engaged in by customers purchasing goods or services from LemonAid, regardless of the mechanism used to order such goods or services.  Customers understand and agree that when purchasing goods from or using the services of LemonAid that they shall undertake to educate themselves (by whatever means necessary, including seeking LemonAid's advice) as to the legal operation of, and adherence to manufacturer's legal requirements relating to, software, hardware, data and procedures relating to  software, hardware and data.  Specifically, but not limited to: failure to notify LemonAid as to the eligibility of a customer's / customer's business status relating to education discounts or any other similar pricing / operational advantage over normal retail / standard usage and pricing policies will be considered a failing / omission on the part of the customer, not LemonAid, thereby absolving LemonAid of any legal / financial penalties that may be brought to bear against the customer by 3rd parties (e.g. Microsoft, Apple, Adobe) in relation to such failure / omission.


Placement of an order with LemonAid is deemed to be acceptance of any and all conditions and procedures set out on this page of Rates, Terms and Legal.




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